“I broke him in” These are words that most people don’t like to use. It was an old term the horse breaker would use often breaking the horses spirit in order to ride him no different to an elephant trainer or a lion tamer . Over the years we have all learned all animals can be trained with a kind hand. Fighting with any animal let alone one that out weights you does’nt make sense . However I still use the term. You see I break habits and if you know horses you will know they are a creatures of habit. If a horse bucks you off once there’s a fair chance it will happen twice just as if he kicks or bites or refuses to go in the trailer or rares up and flips over backwards shattering your bones underneath him as he squashes you to the ground. Breaking habits, that’s what I deal with every other day. I don’t use pain or harm in my technique. Instead I use the one thing everyone of us animals knows as an instinct, fear. The same reason your child won’t speak back to you , your dog won’t bite and you won’t walk across a highway blind folded. You could call it respect but the base of all of what we do is lined with fear. You may need a minute to think about what I am saying . Whether a horse bucks the owner off out of fear, pain or shear nastiness is what I have to determine when that horse is presented to me. You see, I am often the last chance this horse is going to have. The trainers / owners have failed to understand this horse and yet I can tell you in 1 hour if I can break your horses habits or not with no BS . I work hard and fast and I get the job done through my Greater Fear technique . I Have seen the look on some owners faces when they watch me pressure their animal but I’ll tell you now if your horse’s name is Chocipooiwoochi I’m probably not the trainer you are looking for . However I will fix your horse in 7 days and save it from getting its head cut off on a slaughter room floor. I’m not your typical trainer. I want you to watch me fix your horse while teaching you how to keep it fixed learning all my techniques . I am not your typical clinician. I don’t have tricks or gimmicks to sell you. With a stick, a white feed sack, a 6×4 tarp and 20 feet of rope I can fix any horse. I’ve proven it time and time again . I Have been told I have a gift. I believe that gift is mine to share. I will show and teach anyone that is willing to learn. Rather than put myself on a pedestal, I would rather you stand beside me together we will break habits .


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