I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Joe and his beautiful family when he came to work on the Arab farm I was working at on queenslands sunshine coast. I had met a few people who had walked away from these horses saying they were crazy and un trainable so when another breaker rolled in I couldn’t wait to see how long it would take before the horses sent him packing. One breaker was there for a day before quitting. I was down at the round yard one day when they pulled the maddest stallion out of the paddock, I just knew that this guy would be gone by tonight but to my absolute shock I watched Joe work around this boy while he jumped, bucked and double barreled for twenty minutes and then he was up on his back, riding him! The smile on my boss’s face was priceless, he knew that he had found a real breaker at last. From then on it was no surprise to see Joe flying around the corner on any of the wild ones. He is the real deal, a true horseman and what’s more is that he loves the very bones of these animals. There is no cruelty in Joe’s techniques. Ride on cowboy.