The Horseman

FoThe Horsemanr thousands of years the once fearless horse was ridden into battle dodging the blade of a sword , machine gun fire, and bombs. Hence the term “Bombproof” What amazes me is how these days most are scared of a shopping bag .

I learned to ride a horse by riding as many as I could for they are all different and offer their own challenge. I learned about the horse by living with them, riding them for thousands of miles, camping with them, sleeping beside them and watching their behaviour . Viewing the sociology, reverse sociology and body language. Realizing they are very similar to humans and dogs in the sense they will challenge also for seniority . To them we are a horse nothing more . I prove this every time I fix one that is labeled un-trainable. I specialize in fixing the horses they say are too dangerous to ride.

Whether they buck or bite, kick and fight, rare up and throw themselves on the ground for whatever reason it seems that after enough people have been injured bones broken fear embedded, I will stand before such a horse . Within 15 minutes I will capture his mind within an hour we can be riding. Within 7 days we are often heading across country or down the side of a highway . You see I believe like us, or the dog, the more harm whether sociological or physical the bigger the scare . Most owners and trainers will try bullying or loving the scare to the surface. Both of these techniques can work but often fail as I prove every time one comes to me through the hands of several before me . A Horse chooses not to live in fear. I also prove this every times.

What I have learned is I can use one technique to fix every horse. Having said that, every horse is different as they reveal their scares to me in the form of an answer to a question. I will then dig deeper to bring the scare to the surface. In other words with my flag on the end of a stick , my blue tarp 6 by 4 and 20 feet of rope, I can ask the horse many questions when he shows me his discomfort I know he has issues in that area . Whether it be the head, ribs or the hind end. What most people fail to understand, is every issue carried in the form of a scare comes from your mind . In other words, if your horse kicks it has nothing to do with it’s back leg . As a horseman I have saved thousands of lives of both horse and rider.

I have come to realize people are not what they used to be. That’s why our horses are not who they used to be. A horse was bred with a purpose and trained to be fearless. Most people I meet have very little purpose for a horse and often pass their own fears onto the horse . Most people I meet are grasping to their trainers and clinicians looking for help , buying equipment they don’t need or spending $1000’s on trainers that don’t care. As a trainer /horseman /clinician I am not interested in selling you something you don’t need to make a quick buck, nor am I interested in helping anybody that doesn’t want to help them self .

I believe no matter what you do you will want to be great at it. An owner should be a trainer. Most would have you believe you can’t be. I prove through my simple but effective unique common sense technique, you can fix your problems and keep the respect that your animal should have for you . Through my technique I call “A Greater Fear” , I teach your horse within minutes, to handle the pressure he thought he couldn’t handle making him the once fearless animal he used to be by inflicting no pain or harm . Our relationship will be built on trust and honesty .



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