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The LongriderJoeguy  is known across the world as a Longrider and has been featured through media from the 6 o’clock news to talkback radio to CNN . To date he has ridden over 16,000 miles through 4 countries . Covering 6500 miles in Australia , 3000 miles through the USA (the equivilent from California to NY) and a 5,500 miles through Canada . What makes Joe truley unique is he only rides the ones they said couldn’t be ridden , the horse that is ear marked for slaughter . Often the horses he takes on his trips have passed through the hands of several trainers and owners. Some have actually injured the owner or the trainer , some have bluffed and scared them into thinking the horse can’t be trained. In either case, the horse has been ear marked for glue. Joe will take a such a horse and fix it’s mind in less than 7 days . Proving his technique of capturing the mind before the body . As he takes to the road with a destination unknown, Joe never knows what lies around the next corner. Living out of his saddle bags, weathering the elements . Dodging snakes, avoiding bears and staying out of the way of semi’s all in a day’s ride. Joe uses his saddle as a pillow the hard ground for a bed. He will tell you he doesn’t ride for fame or fortune. There’s no finish line or prize and at the end of a hard day in the saddle and he is often greeted by a lonely night. Joe will saddle up in the spring of 2015 to ride just a few thousand more miles to add a chapter to his autobiography and save some lives along the way . If you would like to know more about Joe’s philosophy on training horses you can go to his page The Horseman

In 2016 Joe will complete a ride through New Zealand from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Island.


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